Temporary Staffing
Temp to Hire
Direct Placement

If we do not have the right individual, we will not fill the order

Employers rely on us for short as well as long term assignments. Assignments range from 4 hours to indefinite periods of time. We assign people who are responsible and reliable. When our employees commit to an assignment, they understand they are to complete that assignment.We take pride in our proven employee assigning system. Our employees are specifically categorized by skill level, job preference and availability, allowing us immediate access to all their pertinent data. This computerized system enables us to fill requests for temporary personnel within thirty minutes.

Our employees are pre-screened and qualified by telephone prior to being scheduled for an interview. Each interview consists of a two-part process to explore both behavioral oriented skills as well as core/technical skills.

  • Behavioral Oriented Evaluation
    All of our applicants are given a comprehensive interview. Much attention is given to Behavioral Questioning, as we believe past behavior predicts future behavior/job performance.
  • Core /Technical Skills Evaluation
    All of our applicants are put through a series of grammar, spelling, and basic aptitude. Multiple computerized evaluations are used to determine an applicant's level of proficiency in typing, data entry, and MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Access). All test results are available upon client request.


Employee Orientation

Once applicants are hired, they receive a comprehensive orientation of our company policies and procedures. This includes detailed instructions on reporting of absences, proper timesheet handling, and specific safety guidelines.Upon client request, Assured Staffing will tailor individual orientation guidelines to reflect specific client needs.

Field Employee Retention Program

Our Account Specialists strive to solidify a professional/personal relationship with our field employees, resulting in a more informed, team oriented employee. Our objective is to foster long-term relationships, which provides repeat availability of our field staff for our client's benefit.