Show up. Be reliable. Do the job.

It’s what we expect from our employees and what we expect from ourselves. And with a firm that has provided staffing services since 1969, you can be confident we’ll be here working hard for you in the years to come.

Our job doesn’t end when we’ve placed someone on an assignment.

We’re dedicated to the success of our employees and customers for the long term. We provide the level of attention required to make the experience a successful one for both.

Assured invests the time to know your business and understand your company’s individual needs. Does your office need a quick thinker or someone methodical? A team-oriented person or someone who works well on their own? We conduct behavioral interviews with all our job applicants to identify past work behavior that predicts future job performance.

Knowing our employees as well as we know our firm enables us to provide the best solution. Whether we’ve worked with someone ten years or one week, our recruitment and evaluation methods guarantee we know the type of performer an employee is, not just what kind of work they can do.

For staffing that’s compatible with your business goals, call Assured.

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